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Want to help Japan?

Art by anonimus-kyreii on DeviantArt

Disasters like this are immensely frustrating because there’s not a whole lot you can do to help. You can donate money, but that feels ephemeral, no matter how useful it may be. Rest assured, however, that you are doing something, and people will be helped.

Here are some places you can go to do your part:
First, some helpful advice from Charity Navigator

You can donate money at:
Doctors Without Borders
Japan Society
Google’s excellent information page lets you donate to Japanese Red Cross, Unicef, and Save the Children
The Japan Times has a list of over a dozen resources for help (as well as ways to get information on what’s going on)

There are thousands upon thousands of people whose homes have been annihilated, whose families, businesses and livelihoods have literally been washed away. You can’t do much by yourself, but together we can do a lot.

It goes without saying that any natural disaster, be it Japan or Haiti or China or the United States anywhere else, deserves our full compassion and willingness to help. This one just kinda hits home…

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